Wednesday, February 08, 2006


"Even cleaning up the elephant dirt is ok"

Tonight the Grammy Awards where on. I watched (in semi real time too). It actually wasn't the worst awards show I have seen, and so I'm kinda ok about posting on it. I like rock stars because of their unhinged sensibility, their false sense of ego, and their overall pompous demeanor which often times result in intelligible comments, over the top swagger and all around ridiculousness. And so, in honor of the insane, here are some of the quotes I heard during the show. Could these nonsensical phrases serve as pearls of wisdom for years to come? Probably not.

"Being in a Rock band is like running away with the circus"- Bono

"Even cleaning up the elephant dirt is ok" - Bono

"I'd like to thank Gabe, my publicist, imagine being my publicist, how hard thats gotta be"- Kanye West

"On national television he's about to do his business"- Chris Martin

"My homie, you know me"- Will, The Black Eye Peas

"My nanna Reese is an evaganlist" - Mariah Carey

"Start the five second delay now"- Kanye West

"At her age, she really shouldn't be showing all that crotch"- Xtine's mom, discussung Madonna's performance

And by the way...MARIAH RULES, say what you want about Mimi. She IS saving us. One soul at a time!

I know who Mariah is, but who's Mimi? Is this like Garth Brooks' Chris Gaines alterego?
Good calls, all around. Bless all cracked out musicians.
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