Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Alone in the Woods

I watched Tristan and Isolde on Sunday (I know what your are thinking-- I didn't pay for it. A screener came my way).

Anyway. It was your usual period the-English-are coming movie. Thus getting in a third use for the King Arthur costumes that lay in storage. But I can't complain. A half naked James Franco is a fine way to spend Super Bowl Sunday. So if you want to get all fired up watch it.

Hot Actor Factor: 11
Cry Meter: level 2
# of times I pressed pause: 6
# of times I said out loud "Oh come on, that's just not normal": 3
# of times I said "Get in the damn boat your damn fool": 2
# of times I wondered how people in "olden times" knew so much about medicinal herbs and potions and yet couldn't figure out simple dental hygiene: 4

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