Thursday, January 26, 2006


So Much Religion, So Little Time

Every year I leave Sundance wanting to check out the Mormon tabernacle because, well, what else do you do when you are in Salt Lake City? But each year I leave without seeing the LDS wonder. Until...yesterday.

We arrived in SLC hours before our plane to NYC departed and so we decided to kill time at the Mormon tabernacle. We drove 6miles to the city center until we arrived at the front gates of all that is Mormon. It is actually an interesting complex, filled with Stone Mason like buildings on a pristine (and I mean pristine) campus.

We were greeted at the front gate by Sister Jenny, who asked us if we were interested in taking a guided tour. I politely said, "No." Then she suggested we view a 15minute film on "Family." I said, "No" again. When Sister Jenny finally backed off we were invited to walk around the campus to take pictures.

I negotiated my way into the 21,000 seat conference center, got fingerprinted by the crosswalk button (I'm for real, the crosswalk button beeped and glowed red when I pressed it), and got a lecture by Sister Jenny on values. All that in under 20minues.

In the end I am glad I took this side trip. If nothing else, to get a glimpse inside a world I really cant under stand (said, while sipping a glass a red wine). I gotta also give it up for Sister Jenny for really trying her darnest to get me to watch that family values movie-one of the best pitches for a screening I've heard all week (Sundance included).

(NOTE: I mean no offense to any LDS who is reading this---I praise you for your cleanliness, masonry, and all around chipper mood).

Utah. Out.

Really that impressive, eh?

I am curious though how someone leaves Colorado for NYC... via Utah? How's that work?
My feet never hit the ground in Colorado....Sundance is in Park City Utah...though-come to think of it, it did look a bit like Colorado, hummm.
I don't know why I always thought Sundance was in Colorado. I guess if I just paid attention to your posts I would know this. Is there some other film festival that's in Colorado that I'm confusing with this one?
Kevin- the Telluride Film Festival is the one in Colorado--- and no I'm not going to that.
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