Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We Are The World Wednesday

Today's WAWW holiday good deed recommendation is…

**Sponsor a Child**

For 3 years I have sponsored a little girl in Mozambique Africa. Her name is Mafalda. It only costs $28 a month. In the time that I have been her sponsor her little village got its first latrine, the children have finally gotten school uniforms, and the drinking water is cleaner. Imagine what her town will look like in 3 more years from now?

I highly recommend sponsoring a child because I know you can probably afford $28 a month, because the world is filled with people in need, because the little bit you can do is really a lot. And if you can't sponsor a child do try to make a one time only donation.

To select and sponsor a child go to this link for Save the Children.

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