Friday, December 23, 2005


Top 5 of 2005 Week Concludes

Top 5 of 2005 Week comes to close with a Double List! Top 5 Moments of 2005 and by popular demand Top 5 Woman of 2005!

Thank you for playing.

Top 5 Moments:

December 9th, 11pm. Madison Square Garden, NYC. Depeche Mode was on stage singing Never Let Me Down Again and every member of the audience was waving their hands in the air with pure euphoric worship. We all waved just like we always do at every Depeche Mode show during Never Let Me Down Again. Bliss.

November 11th. I was in an LA restaurant chewing on some half raw sushi at Ashton Kutcher's restaurant Geisha House when I got the message from Popmuse saying we are going to London 'cause we just scored Robbie Williams tickets for his Wimbley Stadium show.

May, Cannes film festival. Whilst clad in a pink iridescent evening gown I sat in the Grand Lumiere of the Palais de Festival and watched the world premiere of Star Wars episode III on the largest screen in Europe with the entire cast just 7 rows in front of me.

August, near Boston. Standing on the balcony of my friend V's house overlooking the bay and watching the most intense lightning storm I have every seen.

September 20th. 8:45am. The moment I stomped out my last cigarette and waved goodbye to years of smoking. Carly Simon's Let The River Run was blasting the car stero as I passed Coney Island and said goodbye to smoking forever. Yeeehaaa.


Woman of 2005:

Some of you asked me to create a Top 5 Woman of 2005 list. So here goes. (notice there is no #1 woman of the year-who can choose a great amongst greats? Instead there are 5 #1's).

* Melissa Etheridge for proving that you can survive cancer and that role models do exist regardless of their hair length

* Oprah because well, no matter how full of herself she is, she still gives up the cha-ching when the world needs her to

* Mariah Carey for barely hanging on

* Gena Davis for coming back strong as the first Female President on Commander and Chief.

* Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon for writing all of the lyrics on her mother's latest album (wink wink MBP)

I can't fathom how watching Episode III at Cannes with the entire cast isn't number one on your list. It doesn't compute.

But congrats on giving up smoking.
Some year! I second those congratulations on the no smoking thing. Have a Merry Christmas!
nice movie MCF. Merry Christmas to you as well.
Moment #1 I have to agree with completely! It blew my mind to see all those people working in unison to show their love of DM.
Moment #1 I have to agree with completely! It blew my mind to see all those people working in unison to show their love of DM.
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