Saturday, December 10, 2005


A Pain That I'm Used To

I am emotionally not yet ready to fully discuss or review Thursday's Depeche Mode instead check out their new video here.

And for a moment of pure bliss go here

And if you just cant get enough, try this

more DM soon.

Delicious! I haven't stopped listening to Depeche Mode since the concert ended, and the rehearsal footage is great!

One thing that confuses me... how is it that a band with some of the best music known to man can produce such consistently crappy videos? Precious wasn't that bad... but I am totally not "getting" race cars being "A Pain That I'm Used To?"
Ask yourself this question...

what is the purpose of making a great video if the 'video channels' wont play them anyway?

I'd rather see behind the scenes footage like this anyway.

Maybe Popmuse has some insight...Popmuse? Thoughts?
Very true. MTV is all reality television shows now anyway. :-(
thats a good pic!
Aww dave2 not all their videos are bad, just some, but APTIUT is definately in the bad category. But hey, we still get to see Dave shake his ass and that truly is what matters ;)

xtine, guessing you had a great time at the show. I saw them in Vancouver last month and they took my breath away. If you haven't seen the official site tour pics yet, check them out, they are amazing. :) I also tried to write a review but you just can't put into words how great they are live. Cheers!
mandy- i have been all over that site- day and it!
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