Friday, December 09, 2005


Pain, Suffering, Absolution, Devotion, Love...aka DEPECHE MODE at Madison Square Garden

Can I be you next?
And what an amazing concert it was! I see they were a little more lax about cameras at Madison Square Garden than they were in Chicago...
people were taking tons of pictures...with camera phones I dont know how they could control it anway.
I am not a big depeche mode fan but loved looking at the pics! have a nice weekend gurl!
i love the stage set up for this tour...i'm sad to say i didn't go see them as their last couple of tours they didn't play a lot of older songs but i've seen that they are playing more older ones + the new album is so good--so i'm mad at myself for not going! shame on me.
I was at the show on Wednesday night and I forgot my camera. I was so annoyed with myself. I don't need to be now because your pictures are great!!! You definitely had better seats. :)

Thanks for sharing.
Utterly Jealous.
good pics. staging looking cool.
Nice pics! Dave and I are drooling that we didn't sneak our cameras in. Dang it! Live and learn, I suppose.
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