Monday, December 05, 2005


Oh X-Mas Tree

Here is a picture of my Christmas Tree (or am I now supposed to call it a Holiday Tree?)...

Special thanks to SM Blogberg and MN for doing an amazing job decorating the tree on Sunday at my 4th Annual Jews Only Tree Trimming Event (How's that for political correctness?).

pretty tree!
glad to see the tree is still standing this year. thanks for having us -- we had fun (as always)!
Now that is a very nice tree.

Though I'm curious to hear more on the 4th Annual JOTTE. That is too funny.
Xtine - your tree is FAB! Wanna come over and use some of that decorating talent when we get our tree?
aw that is so perdie!!!
bah humbug!
I just saw Madonna on letterman and thought of you-I know, an old episode.
your tree is so festive! it looks really nice.
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