Thursday, December 22, 2005


Man of the Year

The choice for Man of the Year has been plaguing me since September. And it really came down to the wire on this one. I did not want to wuss out like People Magazine and just toss the title at someone who was in a promotional window. I also knew deep down inside this was one category that could not be bought.

And so in the end I felt I needed to give this honor to the one man who proved himself worthy. A man who has cleaned up, gotten his shit together, embraced his importance to this world. He wins because he still endures even after 25 of making music, he wins because he returned from the junk in a way that most thought not possible, he wins because he died in the 1990s for 3 minutes and lives to talk about it, he wins because he has never looked or sounded better.

The Xtinefiles Man of the Year is...

DAVID GAHAN, lead singer of Depeche Mode.

Praise be to Gahan.

The official Xtinefiles Man of the Year list:

#1: David Gahan

#2: Robbie Williams (Robbie was #1 for a while but I worry, is he sober or a mess? will he show up at the concert I am flying around the world to see? is his heart still in it?)

#3: Popmuse and Bloghungry tied (the hottest blogging couple out there)

#4: Anderson Cooper, CNN (that Katrina crying bit made me realize that when a crisis in the world breaks out, I'd like Anderson Cooper to be the one to tell me)

#5: Matthew Fox (who made Wednesdays worth it again)

thank you for playing the angel.

Ah, so this is what I was waiting for. Cool!

Is there a separate list for "Woman of the Year?"
Ahhhh...see I wasn't the only one to question!
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An excellent choice! Hurrah!!! Couldn't have worded his worthiness better myself. :)
man, are me and bloghungry in some major company! tanks xtine files!
You love yr Depeche! Another reason for Dave--he wrote 3 of best 4 songs on new DM album (he couldn't top "Precious" though).
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