Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Album of the Year...

When it came to decide Album of the Year there was only one clear choice. Sure the music on Madonna's album was great, but the lyrics are an abomination- as I said to popmuse, "If I wanted to learn how to say 'forgive me' in 43 languages I would have taken a continuing ed class at Queens Community College."

Depeche Mode's Playing the Angel has a very special place in my heart because its their best work in years, and Intensive Care represents an older more mature Neil Diamond-esque Robbie.

But the one album that rose above the rest was....


Each song was one I could listen to over and over again. I hate people who hate on Coldplay. I cant figure out why. What I do know is X +Y was worth living through 2005 for.

The official XtineFiles Album of the Year List:

#1: Coldplay X+Y
#2: Depeche Mode Playing the Angel
#3: Madonna Confessions on a Dance Floor
#4: Robbie Williams Intensive Care
#5: Ringside Ringside

-- Man of the Year

I think my list (just going off the top of my head on this one) would probably be:

Foo Fighters "In Your Honor"
Bob Mould "Body of Song"
Coldplay "X&Y"
John Hiatt "Master of Disaster"
Bloc Party "Silent Alarm"
That posted without me finishing it. Damn.

I was going to say that I think this might make for a good blog post on my site. Don't worry, I'll give credit like I usually do.
go for it kevin!
2 things CHANGED the way I see the world this year and they worked in tandem, hypnosis and coldplay's "speed of sound". that album is too perfect for most people, that's why they hate it, our expectations have been decreased so low that people actually want mediocre cds.
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