Tuesday, December 27, 2005


10 Things for 2006

10 Things I am looking forward to doing in 2006:

1. Seeing Robbie Williams in the UK at Wembley Stadium on September 14th.
2. Seeing the Depeche Mode concert again, somewhere in the world (Paris? California?)
3. Riding my bike every Sunday from April to November
4. Using my frequent flyer miles- all 212,000 of them
5. Buying a piece of antique furniture, preferably a dinning table or bedroom set
6. Seeing The DaVinci Code movie (hopefully at Cannes)
7. Completing a top 100 songs of all time list
8. Using my new 5 piece wine bottle opener, a lot.
9. Watching more History Channel and Food Network
10. Switching from US to OK as my exclusive source for celebrity gossip

I've gotta say that I'm looking forward to The DaVinci Code film. However, I was a bit upset about the casting of Tom Hanks in the lead. Audrey Tautou? Incredible. Jean Reno? Inspired. Tom Hanks? Meh.

Don't get me wrong. I love Tom Hanks. I just don't think he's best for this role. I know they wanted a big name to give it hype, but don't you think that the title of the film lends it enough hype?

Me, personally, I prefer Dylan Walsh from Nip/Tuck. I think that would've been perfect casting.
Well, ... there is 2 sides to that coin. Who better to portray the main character of the most mainstream vanilla book of the new millennium than Tom Hanks? The masses cant handle a newbie or an unknown or dare I say "a cable tv actor". Also, Ron Howard breaking club house rules and casting someone other than Hanks? Nonsense!

After seeing the trailer I think Hanks will be fine in the role. I have no worries. Perhaps if it was an indie we'd get something altogether different, but its not, so embrace Hanks we shall.

And I cant wait to see Tautou and Reno!
Good luck getting to Cannes for the film festival! I managed to make it there once and I had a blast. I loved your list of stuff to do-very interesting trips planned! The UK, maybe Paris, Cannes, biking--very nice!
IF I dont hear from yah, have a HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!

Depeche are touring again in the states? I'll have to try and look for news of that as I'm going to try and see a second swing since I missed the first and heard it was good.

Still loving the new record. Better than "Songs of Faith and Devotion" now.

Decided to import the new Goldfrapp in as I'm sick of waiting for a U.S. release. You into them?
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