Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Walking in LA

I'm in Los Angeles again and I thought I would continue the work I started the last time I was here several weeks ago. And so until there is an Overheard in LA, you'll have to suffer through my version.

Person 1: "Why every time I stay in Beverly Hills I always hear garbage trucks, all day long?"
Person 2: "Because there is a lot of trash in Beverly Hills"

"Sharon Stone stays at the Four Seasons, Lindsey Lohan stays at the Standard and Bono does the Mondrian. Sometimes we all just need Sharon Stone comfort."

Producer 1: "I've been up since 5am, you know who needed to start her make up at 5am"
Producer 2: "Two hours for that face?"
Producer 1: "Actually, this time it took three"

Person 1: "Can you tell me how to get to this address"
Hotel Concierge: "It is actually only 3 blocks away"
Person 1: "Great, I'll walk there"
Concierge: "You cant do that"
Person 1: "Why?"
Concierge: "Nobody walks in LA, you will be a target"
Person 1: "A target for whom?"
Concierge: "Everyone"

Notice on hotel bedside table:

Dear Guest,

Tomorrow beginning at 9am our Gardening staff will be servicing the plants on the balcony of your room. Although the gardeners will not need to enter your room, we would like you to be aware that they will be on your balcony for a short time and that you should not be alarmed.

(can you define servicing the plants please?)

Wow, you've never serviced a bush before (sorry couldn't resist) :) Love your LA convos, makes me realize where they get the people for "Street Smarts)
You know, I never thought to comment on it, but I live in Beverly Hills and the garbage trucks are ALWAYS picking up the garbage! And yet they did away with the recycling dumpster.
Those are hilarious.
Why are you in L.A. this time?
i'll borrow these for my zine "the eavesdroppers" if you don't mind...
kay---in LA for work.
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