Saturday, November 12, 2005


Tired of Being Sorry

For months a CD has been sitting on shelf in my office by the band Ringside. That CD has gone ignored...until now.

A song on the disc called Tired of Being Sorry was brought to my attention through a show I did for work a couple of weeks ago. Since then the song has been playing over and over somewhere in the back of my mind. Around 2pm today I moved that file in my brain forward and now this song has become the soundtrack to my day, and most likely my weekend (dont you love when that happens).

Some fun facts about Ringside:

- The band is a duo, half of the duo is Balthazar Getty
- The other half is Scott Thomas, a guy who used to design cloths (for No Doubt)
- The video for Tired of Being Sorry was directed by Joaquin Phoenix
- They played Thursday night in LA in the Viper Room. Too bad I found this out today.

go here click on 'downloads' and watch the video

p.s. keep your eyes open for Hollywood cameos appearing in the video

Well if the music gig doesn't work out, that Getty kid is shaping up to be a decent new character on Alias. :)
I love Balthazar Getty, I've been waiting for him to get big for years, seriously years - he played Ralph in Lord of the Fliest when he was 12.
Holy crap, I just listened to the song, downloaded immediately. This was in something I just saw recently - what was it?
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