Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Rain, Feel it on My Finger Tips

I'm here in LA and of course what happens? Rain for the next 3 days. I really should not complain I usually get sunny and fabulous here so one rainy trip will not be too terrible I guess.

So instead I will complain about something else. Concert tickets.

My friend MBP and I have made an very important decision. We are going to see Robbie Williams somewhere on his World Tour. Robbie has set up this crazy ticket website with secret passwords, advance tickets, special links etc. MBP joined the secret club last week (for $75) so we would have access to the advanced tickets sales.

Tickets went on sale this morning at 9am GMT. So MBP woke up at 2am LA time (9am in the UK). The ticket website was down. I then woke up at 5am LA time and once again the website was down.

We called each other at 6am LA time and frantically tried again and again to get tickets via the secret ticket website. We finally got through. London sold out. Leeds sold out. On and on and on. Things spiraled out of control. We were stuck in vortex of Robbie rejection. It got so bad I finally said, "Quick, try the Paris dates" MBP responds, "What country is that?" Robbie made us crazy before the sun even came up.

Finally, we called it quits around the time we were considering the show in South Africa.

We are not giving up, but give me a break. I have not had to fight for concert tickets since I was 16 and I think it is an outrage! I miss the days of dialing up a number, pressing redial over and over until someone came on and sold you tickets. I miss the good old days of camping out waiting for Ticket Master to open. These computer ticket outfits seem like they work but they really dont. It is just a scam. And unless you know the record label or someone who can get you good tickets you are forced into this mahem. And forget about the prices. Rememeber the days when tickets were $30. Now, $300 seems like the going rate.

Tickets to the general public for Robbie go on sale next week in Europe. I'm not giving up. I will see Robbie in Europe! Wish us luck.

SEVENTY-FIVE DOLLARS for a Robbie Club?!? What the-?? For that money, couldn't you just pay a scalper?

Oh... hold on a second... Robbie has naked pictures of himself there? NOW WAIT JUST ONE MINUTE! Okay, so now the REAL story comes out as to why you joined the club! And here I was starting to feel sorry for you not getting tickets, only to find out that it was just an elaborate charade so you could look at Robbie porn!
You two are CRAZY! More crazy, though, is how Robbie isn't a success in the US when it is easier to hack into the CIA than to get tickets to one of his shows anywhere else in the world.
hahaha I totally agree I actually remember the Take That days when I went to the closest phone booth the day the tickets went on sale and It was already a struggle to get the tickets back then but nowadays???Oh my's crazy...but anyways...I am so going to see him live too...maybe we run into each other at one of his shows!

Good luck ( wish me luck too )
Yeah... I've never had a problem getting tickets presale before, but let's all knock on wood here, ok?
I always find that if I dln't get them presale, there's nothing left come 10 am on the website (unless you're a fan of nosebleeds). I've never done by phone or at the stand, but I remember my mom bitchin bout it when Ticketmaster went to a lottery system instead of the first-one-through-the-door thing.
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