Monday, November 07, 2005


Oh 2 B in LA

Well, I'm off to Los Angeles for a quick business trip. Will try to post while I am away but between meetings, friends, dinners, and the art of poolside Zen I'm not promising anything.

To keep you amused here are some great quotes from Overheard in NY that could double for Overheard in LA:

Hobo: Can you spare some change?...Fine, you 8th graders!
Tween girl: Oh my gosh, he's psychic

Guy #1: Alanis Morissette wrote a song called Under Rug Swept? That's like Dylan Thomas! Wait, no, that's Under Milk Wood.
Guy #2: I have officially fired you from talking.

Customer: A hot coffee, please.
Waitress: Huh?

Ok Ok Ok before all of my West Coast readers and friends abandon me...I'm kidding!

See you soon.

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can't believe you're getting spammed on your comment board.

hate people.

have fun on the left coast...
You're coming to Cali! Beautiful decision. And I know we're full of incompitent idiots, and those comments and much worse can be heard here... But you're coming to Cali!
Have a good flight. (It is a flight right? Cuz driving would take a while...)
dear goodness, I get to LA, log on to the computer and see all the spam! damn them!
Writer Monkey-- dont you think it curiously odd that anxiety treatment is one of the adds????
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