Sunday, November 20, 2005


Medium 3D

Monday night's Medium is in 3D. And I will be watching with my 3D glasses firmly affixed to my face.

At first, I was not sure what is up with the 3D craze these days or why a TV show feels the sudden urge to embrace an artform that I thought was a thing of the past. For weeks I have been stressed about getting my hands on 3D glasses in time for the show. That is until last week when suddenly I happened upon a gaggle of street teams on 34th street in NYC pushing the free 3D glasses.

"Get your free 3D glasses for Monday night's Medium," droned a tall blonde girl who was no doubt earning less than minimum wage. She gave me stack of glasses even though I only need one and then it hit me. Medium is in 3D to satisfy a marketing stunt that will, I am sure, increase the show's ratings. Normally I would yawn at the prospect of marketing once again ruling content and creative choices but I digress. If this little stunt will insure Medium as an NBC mainstay, well then, I'm in.

Wanna learn how to make your own 3D glasses? go here

Wait a second... are the glasses the Red & Blue kind like in your link? Or are they the more sophisticated polarizing kind? I ask because I was not able to get a pair of "official" Medium glasses and wanted to know what kind I need to get. :-(
i wish i didn't have to work. i want to watch it in 3D! you'll have to let me know how it goes :).
the 3D glasses they gave out and the very same, just like the old fashion ones!
Let's discuss that 3D never works out well (except in the case of Michael Jackson's Captain EO at Disney World where those little critters looked like they were coming right at you)
never saw medium but heard about the hype!!!
Thanks for posting that link. I have my own glasses, but friends who don't. I think they are actually going to go to the party store and buy cellophane!
Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed it. I know you understand about the writing.
have a great thanksgiving gurl
We were really disappointed with the 3-D glasses we got for free from TV Guide; well, I guess that explains everything, doesn't it? Didn't live up to the hype as far as we were concerned.
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