Sunday, November 27, 2005


Hunting in the Sahara

I spent most of last week wondering why People Magazine voted Matthew McConaughey the Sexiest Man Alive. I dont see it. Then it dawned on me. Sexiest Man Alive= Restored Celeb interest= Increased Box Office/ DVD Sales= Sahara on DVD. So I succumbed and rented it.

Was it good? I'm not sure. I mean, I was mildly entertained despite the fact that the two main characters wind surf through the desert on a broken down prop plane (what the?). But, overall it was well, one step up from the Mummy but several notches down from National Treasure, which in my opinion, was one of the greatest treasure hunt movies of the new millennium (Pirates of the Caribbean aside). Hey noticing a trend here?

# of plot holes: 43
# of minutes per day Mr. McConaughey had to practice riding a camel for the shoot: 90mins/day
# of times the rented DVD from Netflix skipped: 6
Average # of netflix DVDs I return per month because of skipping: 5

I know I'm new to Netflix, but I havent had a DVD skip yet. Could it be your DVD player? I have a theory that DVD players (and all electronics really) only work for 2-3 years, just till the warrantee ends and then you need a new one. Sorry.
MM is hot.
Ooh, he's nasty.
I've been a Netflix member for about three years now, and I think I've returned maybe 8 DVDs because they skipped. And most of those were watchable, they just had brief skips or jumps. Granted, it's still incredibly annoying, but I survived.

It might be your hardware. Maybe your player is more sensitive than mine and popmuse's...

My player is about 2.5 years old, and I just know it's going to burn out soon. I'm honestly surprised it hasn't burst into flames already, as much as I use it.

I enjoyed Sahara. It was stupid on almost every level possible, but it was still fun. Here's my review.
Last week the vacuum, this week the DVD player. Popmuse- I bought my DVD player with you several years ago (or was it the tv?).

I'm so tired of replacing electronics. but seems that what you are all saying is my hard ware is the issue. crap.
Sahara didn't even cut it as a bad airplane movie. It felt to me like a simulation of a big-budget picture, which is weird, as it was a big budget picture. I think is due to the presence of MM, who doesn't like a star any more, let alone an action movie star.
Your technical difficulties definitely sound like a hardware issue - I subscribed to Netflix for over four years with a disc never having a major skipping incident. However, I did have problems using the same DVD players with several Hollywood Video discs, but their customers apparently treated rental items about as well as Tom Sizemore treats women.
sahara was terrible imho. just a bloated up film w/ a silly story. only steve zahn saved this for me but if i wasn't writing a review for it--i wouldn't have made it to the finish.

mm is an awful actor who has had some kind of hair weave or rogaine moment--look at his hair line from a few years ago, it's magically thicker.

i have had netflix for about 3 years too and have only had to return a couple that couldn't play. if one is dirty or skipping, spray it w/ some cd cleaner or eyewear cleaner and wipe it. does the trick for me.
Ah yes, Katie and I have returned several movies to Netflix lately without watching them. We think we will, then we don't. Go fig.

I agree that Sahara wasn't the best, but not terrible. The thing that kept me "into" the movie was Steve Zahn. That guy cracks me up. And the very notion that he could have been a Navy SEAL... woah. Heh heh. But, yeah, National Treasure was much better. I expected nothing from that movie and loved it.
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