Friday, November 11, 2005


Goodbye LA

The time has come to say goodbye to LA and head back to NY. But before I go I thought it would be worth mentioning some things I've seen and heard along the way. And, since there is no Overheard LA, perhaps here's its start:

Man on the cell phone in Kitson: "I dont care, do what you have to do, I need to call this into CNN, like yesterday"

Two woman in their 20s in the hotel lobby with bandages on their faces (nose and eyes), said in unison, "We just had our procedures this morning"

My friend saying to me, "Dont look now but Jimmy Fallon is sitting behind you eating a pizza"...pause..."Damn it, I said dont look"

In a restaurant on Laurel Canyon:
Person 1 "What does your wife do?"
Person 2 "She is a story producer"
Person 1 "Is that code for reality show writer?"
Person 2 "Shhhh"

i might use these for my Eavesdroppers zine if you don't mind.

it's old school publishing, ink and glue on yr fingers...nothing to do w/ websites as you have to use yr hands to open its pages.
go for it replicant!
That’s absolutely hilarious! But must say glad I’m not there to hear it
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