Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Bunnies are Strange

I dont know if I should be flattered or freaked out but 'Vincent Gallo' posted in my comments section yesterday. Go ahead, check it out.

What I like on his site is the classified section. It is sort of an underground ebay for shit he wants. Though I must say the threat of him 'never directing again' if people waste his time is well, kind of an odd threat-who is he really trying to hurt? You should also check out the warning on the Message Board and the Contact page. I wonder how much hate mail he must really get.

So what do we make of this? Is this first of many celebrities who are fond of blogging and not afraid to use their real identity? If so, than I have to say Vincent may deserve more credit or cred than he gets. Or is this just some Vincent Gallo fan posing as Vincent Gallo because Vincent Gallo seems more interesting than the guy who is pretending to be him.

You ponder that while I take more antihistamine.

And for total confusion ponder this. ewwwww.

Have you checked out Rosie?
She tells you EXACTLY what she thinks.
He could use a bath.
Dammit! I wish he would post on my blog! I posted on his sperm for sale a couple of weeks ago and I'm glad you've addressed it too, because how the world isn't more amazed by his offer is beyond me.
Pete Townshend has a blog, he's writing a novel on it:
did vincent gallo ask for more on-screen BJ's?
He probably has time to blog. 90% of The Brown Bunny is a camera shooting out his windshield while he drives down various boringass highways to boringass music. I'd already seen the controversial scene on Ifilm and wanted to see if the movie had any actual substance. It wouldn't have been a bad short. The actual "story" is ok, but doesn't merit a feature length film with a lot of whispering, little dialogue, and endless scenes of driving.

I'd go with "freaked out" after that last link though...::shudder::
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