Sunday, October 23, 2005


Now, Playing the Angel

Have you gotten the new Depeche Mode album Playing the Angel yet?

Well, what the hell are you waiting for?

I've listened to the whole album several times. It is like a cross between the soulful introspection of Songs of Faith and Devotion mixed with the optimistic toil of Violator (yup- I made that up). Its good, damn good.

Get it already so we can discuss.

OK, as discussed, Depeche Mode are VH1 Classic, Robbie is MTV Europe, so does this film make Madonna WE?
Popmuse, you are so on thin ice with me right must tame the beast within! you must!
Hey, when did David Duchovny join Depeche Mode?
I am a huge, huge, mega-huge Depeche Mode fan (and have been forever). I do not care for this album save for a small handful of songs... I am hoping it grows on me. I had such high hopes after the beautiful single release of "Precious" too. Sigh.

I "received" PtA about a month ago, and it's been on non-stop play ever since!

I posted some reviews on my LiveJournal.

I'm so excited to see them in November - yaaay! John the Revelator == my fave.

Suffer Well, Sinner in Me, I Want It All, Nothing's Impossible, and APtIU2 are on constant rotation.

Agreed about the mix of SoFaD and Violator.

Question is: did you hear the Leave in Silence homage in Free [uk - Precious b-side]? It's eerie!
stephen- i didnt hear that! will have to get my hands on it and listen again. Glad you liked the album, i was starting to worry that it was just me.
"Optimistic Toil..." brilliant. I have to get that album.
not a big depeche mode fan...sorry but happy monday!
I've downloaded most of it, call me a pop whore but I think Precious is my fav so far.
i'm really happy with this album and think it's so much better than ultra/exciter it's not even funny. a third poor record in a row would have been the deathblow for this band i've loved since '84.

they've moved away from the purely digital sound that the previous two records had thanks to producer ben hillier. there is a warmer, analogue sound to the album that to me sounds really nice. and they actually play synthesizers for the first time in a decade!!!! that in itself was so great to hear.

i think dave's three songs were 3 of the best on the album as he's a bit more direct than martin lyrically as martin tends to go over the top w/ his usual subjects. dave's voice just sounds really sweet and great on most of the songs.

the two martin ballads were the two weakest moments of the album. the first one, macro, is one of the worst depeche songs i've heard. it just does not fit on this record with the other songs. the second ballad isn't as bad but the first one is awful.

so, i'm really happy with this one as it's very consistent (aside from martin's ballads) and a good companion piece to faith and devotion.

now, if the new kate bush can grow on me i'll really be a happy boy!
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