Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Robbie Gets No Love

While on my Robbie Williams kick I found an interesting tidbit. The conversation allegedly went like this...

Courtney Love, "Hey, I was asking my friends who I should sleep with when I visit England and they said you. But I can't sleep with you because of the pop thing."

Robbie, "Well, I can't sleep with you because of the ugly thing."


There is also a horrific rumor out there that Robbie may star in, I shit you not, a remake of Saturday Night Fever. I'm terrified.

I have to be honest I could not really concentrate on your entry..man that's an awesome picture of him
I agree... and I agree with the other post, why can't he break our plot of land? Yummmmmmyyyy.
robbie, who i'm not really a fan of, has been writing songs with one of my all-time favorites--stephen duffy. do you know his stuff with the lilac time or solo? you might remember "kiss me" from the early '80s as tin tin?

he was a founding member of duran duran actually but left early on. he and nick reformed a couple of years ago and put out a synth record of the early duran songs as the devils.

he's an incredible songwriter in the pastoral english pop sort of vein that has been woefully unknown except for a group of diehards for 20 years. i've been on board since '88.

go find some lilac time/stephen duffy as you will not be disappointed!
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