Thursday, September 29, 2005


Oprah is Trying to Kill Me and Lost is Giving Me Heartburn.

We are nearly two weeks into the TV season and it is time to make some observations.

#1: I have a routine that I try to stick to on weekday nights that are not dominated by work events. I come home from work, pour a glass a wine, cook dinner and a watch Oprah. But lately Oprah has been kind of weird. The set is awkward, she's on a power trip and the format of the show seems to be including 3 shows in one leaving very little time for in depth interviews. Today she did an 11 minute (not nearly enough) interview with the fabulous and inspiring cancer surviving Melissa Etheridge, then followed that segment up with two more stories, one of man who has prevailed despite having no arms and legs, and the third story about a paraplegic from Guyana. As you can imagine by the end of the episode I was a crying weeping mess. Oprah, you are giving me segments of real but not full hour episode real and it is more than my tiny brain can take. Each of these stories (especially Melissa) deserved your full attention and the full hour. Why are you giving us just teases? Damn it (picture me smashing something). Overall rating so far: c+

#2: Lost. As my dear friend WD says. "I cant watch this show any more if it is going to give me this much agnst." I agree with WD on the level that Lost has given me anticipatory anxiety. I have no answers, no clarity, no closure, what will happen next? I shutter to think. But, I still give it an A+

#3: Supernatural has been dropped from my TiVo.

#4: Invasion sparked my interest on Episode 1, but even though it was the highest rated show of last week, it started to slip away on me in episode 2. It will remain at a solid B- for now.

#5: Over There on FX is still one of the best shows on television. It should be mandatory TV. I actually save it on my TiVo, it has become my reward show, the prize at the end of the week. A+

#6: Desperate Housewives, eh, not so much. B

#7: Gray's Anatomy: could Dr. McDreamy obsession be over? B

#8: Added Commander in Chief to the TiVo, any thoughts? I haven't watched it yet.

#9: ER? ooops, I fell asleep. C-

(see previous posts if you need links, I dont have the energy right now).

ER? Still? Why?

Addicted to Lost. Show getting better; addiction getting worse. Is it next Wednesday yet?

Liking Supernatural so far...liked seeing Amy Acker far it's a hybrid of X-files, Dukes of Hazzard, The Ring, Hardy Boys and a few other influences, but as it finds its feet I can see it carving out its own niche/
The only alien invasion show I'm watching is Threshold, seeing Brent Spiner rolls his eyes at the camera at Star Trek references is worth the price of admission. Also re-hooked on Lost, and loving Kitchen Confidential, but I have a huge crush on Bradley Cooper.
Am I the only one who felt like Kitchen Confidential's second episode was an exact repeat of the first episode? It worried me.

Enjoyed Gray's Anatomy - glad all the crushes are wearing off, glad Heigl and asshole doc are finally going to get together, and glad nerdy doc may finally get his shot at Gray (I'm thinking one night stand, and he has his heartbroken).

Most importantly: who is chained up in Alfre Woodard's basement on Desperate Housewives!?
... the only thing keeping me watching the Botox Industrial otherwise known as Desperate Housewives is the afre wooward mystery... but if thats the big secret that they draw out for 10 eps.s, I dont think I can take it. I havent watched Lost but ABC seems to like using one storyline and torturing you with little clues for an entire season... its very twin peaks of them.
Funny that PopMuse mentions Twin Peaks - did he read the same article I did on how the viewers of Twin Peaks lost interest because they were kept in the dark too long? I don't remember where I read it. Lost def needs to give the audience something or they'll lose us.

I haven't watched ER in over a year. They just need to let it go.

Grey's Anatomy is starting to annoy me as well. I liked it better last season. It's getting all emotiony now.

I don't watch desperate housewives, nor do I plan to.

Honestly it's the repeats of Sex and the City that keep me going with television viewing.
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