Monday, September 19, 2005


Now, Thats Power

You know I love me some Oprah. But today when Oprah brought the President of Hermes onto her show I couldn't help but cringe a bit. She tried to set up the segment as if it was no big deal as she told the story of being turned away from a Hermes store over the summer. But then after she shrugged it off she basically made this man publicly apologize. The Oprah ass kissing was uncomfortable to watch but before I was fully finished with my judgment I realized how powerful Oprah is. Because of Oprah the entire staff of the Hermes company is now going to sensitivity training. Perhaps thats a little extreme, but damn, thats power.

I thought the whole bit was a little unnecessary but by the end of the show Oprah fully redeemed herself by announcing she has donated $10 Million to New Orleans, and then she unveiled her incredible "Put your money where your heart is" plan.

Again I say, now thats power!

Good for Oprah! That's the Oprah I remember and Love. (The 10 mill, not the Hermes stuff... that shit is simply ego bullshit.) As long as she's spending her fortune well, I'll support her crazy ass.
Aw man, Oprah was pre-empted here. I didn't get to see that. :(
girl oprah ain't so powerful. the powerful ones are Hermes' PR people who were able to get that man on her show so he could apologize in public and make everything ok. and oprah's ego needs to chill. that new set is horrid!
I gave up on Oprah long ago, although once I publish my book that shit had better get into her club so I can make some bank!
"Oprah is one physical deformity and a small animal away from being a villian in a James Bond movie" - one of those dudes on Best Week Ever on Vh1, hilarious!!!
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