Friday, September 30, 2005


Last Chance To Disco

Tonight I saw The Killers in concert at Jones Beach. It was a fantastic show and marked the end of the summer concert going experience for 2005. It was so great to see a band that appeared to be, well, sober.

Brandon Flowers, so milky so luscious, sang his heart out. They gave us everything from The Killers hits to David Bowie covers. Their tour is almost over but if you can catch them before they go away, I highly recommend it.

I'm so happy you got to see Killers perform on this tour. they have this new kid on the block energy that is so incredible. I LOVED THAT SHOW, maybe the best concert I saw all year and I didnt even get one Cover song (wah!) "I got soul but I'm not a soldier!" didn't you have a "Reach Out and Touch Faith" moment during that song?
oh yes, I was fully doing the reach out and touch faith hand gestures. amazing
Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!
i was supposed to see them in tulsa at cain's ballroom--a legendary place for a show if there ever was one--but couldn't make it. ended up selling my tix and made a handfull of $$$. would rather have seen them though.

it's hard to pick out who is honest and genuine and who is putting on a big cash-in act with all these '80s inspired bands. i like to think killers are being genuine as the songs are catchy as hell. on the flipside are bands like the bravery---ugh.
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I think you're right on track and not many people are willing to admit that they share your views. 2005 emmys oquinn terry is an AWESOME place to discuss LOST.
Be prepared for the next hurricane watch or find another one that's similar. As the Boy Scouts say: "Be Prepared"!
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