Tuesday, September 27, 2005


Killer Hairballs, Hippies and Matthew Fox

Last night I had a crazy dream. It goes like this...

I was standing on a city street corner with some coworkers. All of a sudden gigantic monsters started jumping out of the office building windows. The monsters, resembling huge hairballs complete with fangs, ape like arms and lizard like legs, began to eat people. As the chaos ensued giant military planes began to fly over head. I thought "thank goodness the military is here to kill the hairballs." But then I realizeed the military was destroying the hairballs along with the city. It was as if we were all being exterminated together. Buildings were falling down around us, people were running and the hairballs was growling loudly. We were doomed as we faced death by either the hairballs or the bombs. So we took cover in an empty park. Flash.

I suddenly found myself in some sort of camp. I lived with a group of unhinged hippies who all survived the killer hairball monsters yet we all still lived in fear of the monsters return. Matthew Fox was there and we were a couple (well, it is my dream after all). We survived on chocolate and Trader Joe's olive oil soaked almonds. One night while we were sitting in the center of our make shift shanty town Matthew Fox coughed up a hair ball. I freaked out and exclaimed, "Oh no, you are turning into a hairball monster!" He denied the claims but I knew in my heart he was done for. I also know that if he was to transform he'd end up eating us all and that would be bad.

So I set out in search of a renegade doctor. Someone who could lead me to an antidote. And then I woke up.

I dont know if the killer hairballs ever came back and I dont know of I was able to save Matthew Fox. What I do know is how much I totally hate when I wake up before the proper ending of a dream!

Reminds me of a dream I once had about Evangeline Lily and lint-demons...=)

Wild stuff; somewhere there's an idea for a film or series in your subconscious.
omg gurl, did you eat something before you went to bed?!?! they say that sets off crazy dreams!
Mmmmmm Mr. Fox is absolutely delectable. I can only begin to imagine how good a dream it was.
that was some elaborate dream! very detailed. do you watch too much tv? :)
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