Saturday, September 03, 2005


Jake Wants You to Donate

While I have been busy urging celebrities to donate their millions to the red cross, I have forgotten about those lovable four legged creatures. For those of you who hate people but still feel like giving, my dear friend WD asked me to share this with you.

"The Humane Society is assembling an emergency relief effort. Should
you want to donate to the kitties and doggies of the Katrina mess, go here."

p.s. This photo is of my parent's cat Jake (which I guess makes him my feline brother? I love him!)

Some facts on Jake:
a. he was rescued from North Shore Animal League several months ago, he was sitting in the litter box and my parents chose him over the other cats not sitting in their own poop.
b. he has 6 fingers on each paw, a hemingway cat.
c. there are no longer any writing instruments in our home as jake, with the extra finger (or whatever that is called on a cat), can pick up a pen and fling it across the room just as well as any other animal with thumbs could.
d. when he lies on top of you he does this weird motion with his paws, apparently as xtine told me, he is checking for a teet, like his momma's. i used to think this was cute before i knew what he was doing, now i feel violated.
e. he has horrible gas.
f. his claws have ruined the leather couch and when our parents are out of town xtine always thinks that he will be dangling from the curtains if someone doesn't check on him. i think he does this anyway without us knowing, why is their cat hair half way up the curtains?
g. he does death defying stunts on our upstairs banister, again the extra finger thing must help. he would score a 10 on the beam in the cat olympics.
h. my parents treat him like a human and tell him where his food and litter box is everytime they leave the house. "jake we're leaving now, you're food is right here"
i. we love him!!! he's so cute!
yes, my dear sister, we do love him...but aren't you glad we dont live with him? A once a week visit is enough! (kidding!)
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