Thursday, September 01, 2005


I Heart PopMuse

Dear Popmuse,

As you can tell I have been in a letter writing mood lately. I wanted to publicly thank you for providing the sound track to my life for over 10 years. No matter how bad a day I am having, all I need to do is tap into your pop culture world. It is a jumbo box crayola world that you draw for me daily. Vibrant, brilliant, and full of awe. You can make (within an instant) my day turn around.

Today I found inspiration in this. Thank you for finding it and thank you for sharing it with all of us. In a world of chaos, natural disaster, war, terrorism and horror, sometimes we all need to take pause and just listen.

To all my blogger friends...let it be known the one who goes by the name popmuse truly is a pop muse.


p.s. news reports of devistation got you down? listen to the link above, and thank popmuse. oh and dont forget to donate.

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