Friday, September 02, 2005


"How am I funny, like a clown? Tell me. Tell me what's funny about me?"

Yesterday I had lunch with some colleagues. We went to a restaurant in mid town. The kind of neon decor, pine nut crusted place that attracks people mostly under the age of lets say 45. Which is why I guess my party of four was surprised by the party of four older, serious looking gentleman sitting next to us.

We joked about how out of place they looked, not because of their age, but because of how they looked. One guy looked a lot like Junior from the Soprano's. Another guy looked a lot like Joe Pesci. We joked around for a while and my friend loudly said, "Yeah that could be Joe Pesci if Joe Pesci was like 30 years older and more frail." We laughed at that thought and continued to eat our lunch joking about how much like Joe Pesci and Junior the two dudes looked.

It wasn't until the Joe Pesci looking guy turned around to give us a stare that we realized, the Joe Pesci looking guy was in fact Joe Pesci.

I feel bad because I think we were a little loud about it too. Nonetheless, I hope Mr. Pesci enjoyed his meal with the wise old men, and I hope he didn't forget to donate.

Only in NY.

Nice. It's a good thing he didn't stab you in the neck with a fountain pen 20 times.
That's the problem with movies--the stars become immortalized and we still see them as they looked in their most popular roles, forgetting things like Goodfellas being 15 years ago....Joe is over 60 now. =(
i didn't know you saw joe pesci the other day? girl, you just attract celebrities.
not that i wish harm on you mocking new yorkers, but i kind of wish he'd have grabbed someone and drug them into the kitchen, put someone's hand in the chopper and unleashed a stream of f-words ala casino and his infamous vise.
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