Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Ground Control To Major...Anyone?

Last night, I was forced to tiVo Lost because I was glued to the tv for another airliner incident in the form of breaking news. If any of you saw the Jet Blue emergency landing in Los Angeles you know what I mean. Basically, a Jet Blue flight had major landing gear issues and had to make a crash landing at LAX. While I was watching this unfold on my tv, I couldn't help but wonder if the people on the plane where watching the same breaking news on their direct TV offered in every seat. Suddenly live TV in flight seems like not such a good option. Those poor people.

After all was said in done one passenger said, "It was earie watching pur possible demise live on in flight CNN."

Ahhh technology. But glad everyone is ok nonethelsee. Now back to Lost (how ironic).

yea that would have been way too weird for me to be in it and watching it
The woman on CNN said it was very "post modern" to have been watching it on tv as it was actually happening and that the pilot did shut the tv's off before they landed. I tip my hat to Jet Blue, it was a picture perfect landing and the pilot did everything right.

Another thought - can someone please give Anderson Cooper a vacation. He's been stuck in New Orleans and now Galveston on hurricane watch since before labor day. He needs a break. Someone send him to a spa!
I agree, Anderson needs a vacation! Poor guy.
That was an awesome landing. I was so proud of that pilot and happy for everyone on board.
I read that people were actually calmed to see themselves on the seat-back TV's. For me, wathcing your life flash past your eyes is a little too reminiscent of "Defending Your Life" with Albert Brooks.
At some point, as a people, we are gonna need to check our media and this DISASTER PORN coverage. this plane thing, the hurricanes, it's getting creepy, I think people are 'getting off' on this news and Anderson and Larry and the lot are just Porn Stars faking orgasm for hours to get their audience hot. it's too much non-information and i find it distasteful, if it is really a horrific site then just shut up and show me the pictures I don't want to hear CNN Hosts fake moans and groans anymore. (vent much?)
popmuse, you are right, but the problem is most Americans are too dumb to form an opinion by themselves...they need a gabbing newsman to talk them through the interesting pictures.
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