Friday, September 09, 2005


Fashion! Turn to the Left, Fashion!

Tonight I went to a fashion industry party to kick off Fashion Week in NYC. Usually I stay clear of fashionista parties - I'm more down with the movie, music, tv kids but for some reason tonight I made an exception. I know now why my previous policy of avoidance was aptly guided, because with all due respect to those involved, these fashion people are well, weird.

After crowd surfing through a sea of 400 or so fake tits for a rum and diet coke, I was able to observe the crowd through booze induced eyes. While some were there to see the night's entertainment [insert Grammy winning R&B act here] others were there in hopes of being discovered. Those "others" being freakishly tall women who were so hungry I pondered sponsoring them much like my Save the Children kid in Mozambique Africa and men with eyebrows waxed and tweezed enough to make an Italian girl like me jealous.

That said, I did spot the "outsiders" in the crowd, the out of place 'industry' people like me who were thinking the same thing as I, "why am I here." At times I would glance at those key "others" and would notice them composing their blog entry in their mind.

I made the fatal mistake of leaving before gift bags where distributed but I have to admit a slice of pizza seemed more compelling than sample sized hand cream wrapped in a bow and a starbucks gift certificate.

Dont get me wrong, I was grateful for the invite and I am glad I went. If nothing else it was nice reminder that food, in any form, is never a bad thing.


I've always wanted to go to a fashion show even though I can't stand people in the fashion scene/industry.
What's a party/event without food?! They should at least give you a piece of cheese and a glass of wine.. What is the world coming to?
Whoa now, a Starbucks gift certificate?? You passed up a Starbucks gift certificate!?! I worship at the altar of Venti iced Quad Caramel Macchatios.
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