Wednesday, September 14, 2005


Cosmic Systems Intertwine

Damn it! The one time I decide NOT to go to a film festival Madonna and Bono show up. I've been traveling the world of film festivals, fighting off the endless rumors that clammer through festival crowds, "Madonna is here, Mick Jagger, Robbie, ooohh aaaaah". Well, they were all lies until now!

Madonna was at the at the Toronto Film Festival in support of Guy Ritchie's new film (see review, see soundbite, eeek). Bono showed up too. Though they were at separate events I am overwhelmed with the regret I feel for sitting this one out. Big mistake.

In other Toronto Film Fest news, I hear the film world has taken a universal gasp at the site of Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal as cowboys turned lovers in the new film Brokeback Mountain (out this December). It is sure to be the kiss heard around the world. Guess we'll have to wait a couple of more months to see for ourselves. Haaarumph.

what's up with the hair color? i think she looked better at

have you seen this:'s what we call the beginning of the end.
i still love me some madonna!!!
Popmuse, the beginning of the end has been coming for a very long time!
And my beloved Keanu was there.
And it's not just a kiss either. I hear Heath takes Jake from behind at the campfire, "Quest for Fire"-stizz.
I saw the trailer for Brokeback Mountain at a showing of The Constant Gardener. When it became clear that Heath and Jake were lovers, a lone voice in the back of the theater groaned, "Oh, hell no!", the rest of the room tittered uncomfortably. I turned around and leered at the guy.
i too saw the "brokeback mountain" trailer at "the constant gardener" and the audience began to mutter loudly about the story when it became clear what the story was. i live in the middle of the u.s. so i'm not sure how a gay themed western will play here. i'll see it of course, i love the western genre and am curious ang lee's take on it.

guy ritchie is a talentless hack by the way. he's an unoriginal fraud.
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