Thursday, September 01, 2005


Confessions of an Arm Brace

She obviously read my letter and took my advice on getting a couture sling.

I hope she donates.

Oh totally agree on Greenday - so wanted that album earlier but happy they are making a difference even now. That and the eyeliner on Billy - pwrrrrorrrrrrrrrrr.
yeah, I'm in a funny place with Green Day right now (long story) BUT I agree, I do love the eyeliner!!!
gurl thats what im sayen she betta donate! she hooker that shit up wit a black sling!
Damn next time I fall off a horse I have to get me one of those.
Wow. Ever her sling is more fashionable. When I had my broken arm, I got the most uncomfortable sling from the hospital. And I saw everyone else with much nicer slings. I was like, "What's up with these nice slings, and I got stuck with this crappy one?"
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