Saturday, September 10, 2005


Confessions from a Gap Store

No, this is not a post mocking the title of Madonna's new album (though I expect that will come soon) it is though about something all together different...

I used to work at the Gap. I started folding jeans when I was 16 and continued working there until I graduated college. The brainwashing of my Gap days still lingers. Therefore I am pre programmed to remind you that it is back to school shopping time. I did some shopping today and after spending $80 I got this neat free CD "Favorite Songs." Michelle Branch covering David Bowie's "Life on Mars" made it the best $80 I've spent all weekend. The Alanis moment is pretty great too.

You actually got a good free CD? You lucked out. Usually when I get some freebie, the CD blows and I want to ask them if I can just get a discount instead. (Being non-confrontational I don't, I just smile and tell them thanks, you too (to their over-cheery have a great day).
OK, i am going to come clean: sometimes when i am in gap, i unfold clothes just for the heck of it - well, it must be keeping people in work, right?

urban chick, thats brilliant!
hahahahah gurl your a trip
I love John Legend's CD. Is his "Hello It's Me" good?

Men who work at the GAP are always pocket-sized. You ever notice? Diminutive makes the clothes look better, maybe? Not that I'm complaining.
I didn't realize the CD was full of cover songs.. I thought it was full of old seal songs and crap.. I feel much better about the whole promotion now.

The Gap always makes me think of Vicki Minor's boss in Reality Bites trying to kill herself by eating a whole pot of poinsettias..
Haha, I didn't get the free cd cause I didn't purchase anything in the Gap but I saw the ad campaign come out last month in Vanity Fair, and I immediately pulled it out and made a mix of all the songs on it. I started to listen to Seal's "Crazy" and I've been obsessed with it, that's Alanis's "favorite" song. I didn't know the CD was covers of the songs!

I did download the original version of "Hello It's Me" by the Isley Brothers. A group that is so underrated!!
I love Gap Ads. I wanna live in one.
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