Saturday, September 03, 2005


BBQ Wisdom...

I thought in celebration of Labor Day's three day weekend I'd provide you with a list of ready made excuses. Use them when declining invitations to those relentless end of summer parties:

1. "I fell in the bathtub and knocked myself unconscious, I didn't wake up until Tuesday"

2. "I can't come to your party because I am too busy donating"

3. "I can't afford to drive to your BBQ because gas prices are too high"

4. "I can't leave the house, I'm watching CNN"

(I realize #1 is different from the rest, but it does make me laugh). Have a great weekend!

Brilliant. ;p
Thanks.. I need somemore excuses to enable my shut-in lifestyle.. you rock
Yes! I'm using those. Probably mostly number 1, but still...
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