Sunday, September 18, 2005


And So It Begins

The Fall TV season has begun. I've been counting the days, minutes and seconds for the return of some of my favorite shows. Here is a quick guide to my TiVO:

1. LOST: will those stranded on the island go down the hatch? Are the rafters at sea dead? Can Matthew Fox be any hotter?

2. ER: Can ER last without Dr. Carter?

3. Medium: Will Allison stop doubting herself? Can her on screen husband be any cooler?

4. Desperate Housewives: whose the baby's daddy?

5. Grey's Anatomy: is the comeback of Patrick Dempsey (aka Dr. McDreamy) for real?

6. Jack and Bobby: did this show get canceled? I cant find it.

Wondering if I should Tivo:

Supernatural (I watched the season premiere and I loved the Mulder and Scully references) and is Invasion any good?

Still way into Over There which is in it's mid season. And while I said farewell to Rescue Me I cant wait for its return next July.

So little time, so much TiVo.

Jack & Bobby is off the air, and they took the annoying Christine Lahti with them.
Xtine, I am your father.
yea!!!!!!!! bring on the fall tv shows! lol
Oooh. I think ER has run its course sad to say. But I agree where's Jack and Bobby? I heard they were taking it off, but then perhaps bringing it back?
There aren't any show's I'm looking forward to I have to say. I just don't watch TV that much anymore. Does this make me wierd? (Or is it just the other stuff that makes me wierd?)
Simpsons, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, My Name is Earl, Supernatural, Lost, Alias, and Smallville. Scrubs and 24 when they return in January. Looks like I may be dropping Joey this season, long overdue. In a three-way conflict between Alias, Smallville, and "Top of the Heap 2005", it's not much contest.
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