Tuesday, September 13, 2005


And In A World Of Plenty...

OK, I'm gonna say it. I may get shit for it, but I am going to say it anyway. I am sick of benefit shows, sick of celebrities telling me to donate "everything I can" and sick of the same tired sad songs played for the express purpose of making you feel like crap over world events. I reflected on this after a conversation with Popmuse and my thoughts were confirmed after watching Larry King's broadcast last night. He showed a performance of Sarah McLachlan and Josh Groban duetting to her song "Angels." They sounded like two pigeons fighting over a bread crumb in a supermarket parking lot.

First, people should feel compelled to donate money to those who need it and I have to say, shame on people that need to see a concert to remind them of their civic duty in the first place. We should want to donate not because we are being entertained to do so, but because its just the right thing to do.

Second, I find it particularly offensive that the people asking me to donate are among the richest in the country. People with 17 homes are asking me to 'donate everything I can.' What's up with that? If every celebrity that sang donated a percentage of their income similar to the percentage that I donate, trust me, everyone would be just fine. Open your homes, do a Japanese Rolaids commercial, write a check instead of going on TV and faking like you are upset while asking me to donate.

Third, and this is a biggy, stop singing depressing songs from a dark depressing sound stage! If you have to do a benefit show then make it up beat. After all you are asking people to do a good thing. Donating should be about celebrating your neighbor, the help one person can give another. The more songs I hear about death the more paranoid I get which actually takes my mind off of donating and instead I focus on the world ending and shit. Live 8 did it right, that was for a good cause I didn't want to kill myself after watching it. Even the Concert for America after 9/11 was pretty good because the people in audience were actually people who needed to see a good concert.

How about all celebs getting together and singing a new Feed The World (no, not re-recording the Hand Across America stuff I mean a NEW song). Or how about broadcasting a concert where the only people in the audience are those who lost everything. They could use a little entertainment and I bet the donations would come pouring in. Jeez, I'll take anything over another depressing benefit show.

I hope by now all of you have donated. Not because someone sang a song or because some over paid celebrity told you to do so. Donate because you would expect others to do the same for you. Donate because you probably have a little bit extra to give. Donate because you care. Donate because knowing you are part of the solution and not the problem will make you feel good. Donate because you should.

and if you dont believe me, listen to what Popmuse has to say.

After i donated during the 9/11 concert and then found out the celebs took most of the money i made a promise never to donate anything celebs are involved with.

I feel very sorry for the Katrina families but i would not even donate a dime to the red cross or any organization involved with crisis. I also do not donate to most other causes. The only other way i would donate if given the oportunity is to hand deliver the money to someone in need. I know this sounds ridiculous however if you actually saw the percentage of your dollar that goes to the victims you would be sickened.. More then 65% of you money goes toward unecessary opporating cost of this organizations. Such as execs schmoozig around the country in there personal Jets, cars, in there mansions....etc. It is complete bullshit....


Everything in this world is all about the money and not about being a decent Human Being.
It's a god damn shame but thats reality.
Never forget it..
Yeah, i'm tired of them too. It's also sad that countries like Uganda and Sri Lanka are donating money to the US. We're the richest country on earth and we're taking money from Uganda?
Well said, Xtine. Amen.
lol at: They sounded like two pigeons fighting over a bread crumb in a supermarket parking lot.

hahahhaah gurl you crack me up!!! i totally agre with you though, right there withya.
Amen, 110%.
Gotta say I agree on the celebrity front: it's a bit hard to accept when a celebrity comes on TV/stage and appeals to us to give all we can. A recent example of this was the "Every 3 seconds..." series of ads. Now I have every sympathy for the people affected and every admiration for the people on the ground doing the good work and I will help them in any way I can with donations, but to see Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Liam Neeson, Bob fucking Geldof (and yes, that is his middle name as far as I am concerned), Midge Ure, Claudia Schiffer et al pop up on the ad did not sit right with me, because I couldn't help but think that all those people's amassed earnings together would probably be more than the gross national product of some small countries! :-)

Add to that it's a bit hard to watch BBC1 and see an ad like that, then switch to MTV which is showing "The fabulous life of Brad and Jen" for the gazillionth time and watch as the cameras lovingly pan over Brad and Jen's 15,000 square foot mansion. Which I am sure Brad sits in at night, crying into his platinum handkerchief about the plight of all the starving children in the world.

All this makes me sound insensitive, but I assure you I'm not. I give to charities (not as much as I should, but I try) and I am perfectly happy for celebrities to have their say on things (I don't hold with the notion some do, that celebrities have no right to use their position to get messages across: after all they might as well do something useful while they're in the spotlight) but I find it faintly insulting to be told to give money to a cause by someone who is living it up in standards that are so embarassinly beyond opulence it's hard to articulate without vomiting in sheer irritation.

it's just celebrities feeding their ego in how they can "help the world"...they think that by them singing on a show it's the same as them donating lots of moolah that they have...

i personally can't watch a second of it as most of them are people i don't care for anyway so seeing them warble out some watered down music isn't going to cause me to open my checkbook. people should donate if they feel like it, not because someone sings a duet on 124 year old larry king's lame-ass talk show.

but, i'm preaching to the choir here i think.
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