Saturday, August 06, 2005


Xtine on Xtine

I have decide to put my interview skills to good use and interview myself. Here goes:

Q. Of all the movies you have seen which had the coolest fashion accessory?
A. Hands down. The hat that Debra Winger wore in An Officer and A Gentleman. Way to go Paula!

Q. What was the first movie you saw that made you cry?
A. Ice Castles in 1978 staring Robby Benson. I got so upset when she goes blind and tries to skate anyway. I also remember crying during the Wizard of OZ when my parents told me Dorothy was dead (they meant that the lady playing Dorothy got old, drank too much booze, took too many pills and died but I was too young to understand that movie characters and actors where not the same).

Q. What was the second movie you saw that made you cry?
A. The Chosen (1981) again starring Robby Benson.

Q. What are four things that you are afraid of?
A. Clowns, non animated talking animals, disembodied heads (or body parts), driving in Los Angeles

Q. What is your favorite Madonna era?
A. Ray of Light

Q. Vanity Fair always asks 'which phrase or words to you overuse' so?
A. I overuse "Quite frankly." My boss says when I say 'quite frankly' I really mean "You f*cking asshole" and there is truth to that

Q. The best time you ever had in NYC was?
A. The night I saw Baz Luhrmann's version of La Boheme with my friend JP. We got all dressed up and went to the show. It was still in previews so Baz came out and did an introduction. After the show we walked around NYC and ended up at our favorite French restaurant.

Q. If you regret one thing from your childhood what would it be?
A. Never learning how to play the piano

I almost wet myself laughing at the dead Dorothy comment... nice.

I hear ya, I did play the piano, but quit at the Grade 5 level - idiot me. Never to late to learn though!
Robbie Benson directs TV now, so does Fred Savage. I think that is a good place for former TV/Movie 'sensitive teen-throbs' to retire, TV Directing... Does Ralph Macchio direct?
Hmm, does the bathrobe that Tyler Durden wears in Fight Club count as a fashion accessory? That would be my favorite, if it counts...

And Macchio has directed, but not for TV... Check it out.
personally, I'm not a fan of Ralph Macchio- never was. I dont get the teen obsession thing with him.

And yes Ethan, the bathrobe counts.
Uh oh ... I tink I's heard "quite frankly" a couple times at least ... if only I'd KNOWN!!!!

Would you be suprizzzzed if I kizzzed you on the lips?
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