Sunday, August 07, 2005


Where the Hell is Robby Benson?

After interviewing myself I have learned that Robby Benson was the source of my childhood melodrama. So, where is Robby now?

I've done some investigating. Everything listed in his bio on imdb is a mystery to me. He did do the voice of the Beast in Disney's Beauty and the Beast (what the f*ck?). He also directed an episode of Friends in 1994 (thanks pop muse for the tip). A google search produced his official site which led me to information on a musical he wrote and starred on b'way in 2004 called Open Heart (what the f*ck?). The music is available on CD, I'm not buying it. As you can imagine, the show is no longer on b'way and Robby is once again missing...

Until now...

... Robby Benson is a visiting professor of film at the University of Utah College of Fine Arts.

I left a message at the main number. I'm hoping he'll do lunch when I am in Utah in January.

Ooooh look! Robby has a stalker! :-)
"Being Robbie Benson" pitch Bravo ASAP! Utah, is he a mormon?
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