Monday, August 22, 2005


There is No Place Like Gnome

Thanks to a hot tip from LL, here is where you can buy your very own traveling Gnome. "Remember, the big fun isn't just where your gnomes go, it's how they got there and what they're doing."

Now you can send your garden gnome across the country or around the world and track it to see where it is! Give them to friends, take them with you wherever you go! It's up to you! Send them out into the world separately, or together. Track your gnomes' adventures online through stories and pictures posted by Guardians (a Guardian is anyone who is helping your Gnomads character fulfill its adventure)...

Godspeed little Gnome, Godspeed.

That's awesome! So funny. I have a client that does this, she was visiting New York from LA and she brought her gnome in her carry on luggage!

i have been in the process of adopting an abandoned gnome for months. It resides, if you can call it that, face down in the garden of my cruel friend renee. She claims it "scares her". I say her gnome abuse is much more scary. Although my travels go no farther than my local bodega and library, I am sure that's a better view than here's dirt in your face
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