Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Suburban Wisdom...

In the midst of all the hurricane chaos, family drama, and work it is easy to loose one's center. So, I thought I would share a quote from a dear friend. I'm not going to interpret it for you, because you make of it what you wish.

I pass onto to you mytsilisa's pearl of wisdom:

"Girl, there's only so much one can cover on the surface before the area space runs out"

This is my favorite centering quote:

"The opposite of craving is saying, baby, this is the way it is, yeah, OK, here and now, this is it. I ACCEPT THE HERE & NOW FULLY." - by Ram Dass

Now if you actually read Be Here Now by Ram Dass, you'll most likely become a dirty hippie living in the wilderness somewhere but this quote always seems to put my mind at ease. Can't do anything about the past, and the future is too transient, so concentrate on the present and take it from there.
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