Monday, August 29, 2005


Rome if You Want To

Sunday night left me in a TiVo conundrum. I had to watch the VMAs (though in retrospect I am not sure why). I also needed to record The 4400 because its almost the end of the season and still yet I needed to remain tuned into CNN because of Hurricane Katrina (I'm a breaking news junky)...the conundrum? No room for Rome on HBO.

Maybe I'm not ready to embrace a new HBO series, having not fully yet recovered from the loss of SFU. But Nonetheless I gave Rome a try tonight on HBO2.

Would someone please tell me why I'm watching Rome on HBO and not in mini series form on USA network? Sure there was some sex, but hell, I've seen Caligula and I am not so sure HBO will go that deep anyway so whats the point? As you have all read here, I'm a sucker for people dressed in costume and all, but I am not fully embracing Rome.

What do you think?

I watched 5 mins of it and turned back to the VMA's, and then Iron Chef America, which really seemed to be the only show that kept my interest on Sunday night. Rome, ehh, I'm just over the whole ancient civilizations thing. Troy, Alexander, didn't they run a 3 part mini-series on Discovery about Pompeii? I've just seen enough people in robes and loincloths for a while.

I don't think I will be giving any love to HBO until the Soprano's start as I'm not an Entourage, Carnivale, the Comeback, the Wire or Deadwood fan either.

HBO is losing it's grip.
It really does look like the TNT mini-series CAESAR. My plan is to see how everyone else weighs in and watch it on OnDemand if it is unanimously praised. Overall, I'm not feelin' it, just like I wasn't feelin' Spielberg's INTO THE WEST, and I don't think I missed anything there.
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