Friday, August 05, 2005


Reach Out and Touch Faith

People are freaking out over The Killers most recent video for the song
All These Things That I've Done.

The video, directed by Anton Corbijn, is a clear spoof on the Spaghetti Western film genre (think: The Killers meet The Good The Bad and The Ugly). Four western clad ladies roll into town and the mayhem ensues. The video culminates in a final showdown where the band is defeated.

In brief, by 1960 production of American Westerns had come to halt just as European film makers began experimenting with the genre. Throughout the1960s and 1970s European film production companies produced over 600 Westerns. These films were largely ignored by critics because they were low budget films produced mostly by Italian companies (hence the term 'spaghetti').

Maybe this video is a homage or maybe Anton
Corbijn just wanted to see what would happen if he took the Killers out of the glam environment that they have been presented in as of late. Either way it is interesting to see Corbijn directing The Killers. If nothing else I embrace the symbolism (note an exception: in this video a donkey replaces the 'Personal Jesus' horse).

My personal highlight- Brandon Flowers in the shower...eyeliner never looked so good!

the video:

if you can't handle The Killers in cowboy hats- check out the UK version:

I am luke warm about the Killers new video. I don't really get the western thing. It doesn't really work with their whole glam image. I was also surprised to see his baby-kissing politician persona in the UK video. I need Brandon Flowers to wear eyeliner, glitter, and sleak taylored clothes.. It's very important to me.
No one wanted to say this in the 80s or 90s but I think with this video it is OK to say, Anton Corbijn is just not that talented. He did one thing very well and he did it with U2 and Depeche Mode. To me the Killers are more akin to Velvet Goldmine than Deadwood. I like that they wanted to use Anton, but the minute they saw this concept they should have fled back to Sophie Mueller. And when will Sophie start directing the films Baz Luhrman used to direct.
And that, my dear Pop Muse, is why I love you so much.
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