Thursday, August 18, 2005


"Please let me keep this memory, just this one"

Enteral Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is on HBO this month and even though I have seen it 1000 times (and own it on DVD) I couldn't resist the urge, I had to watch it again. This film is hands down one of my favorites of all time.

I remember going to see it in Union Square on a cold winter day in NYC. I sat there in a packed theater and allowed myself to fall in love with falling in love. Everything about Joel and Clementine makes sense. I cried my head off and had swollen eyes for days. I love this film!

WOW meter: 10
Hot Actor Factor: 10 (l love Jim Carrey in drama, especially when he cries)
#of Minutes I considered dying my hair blue: 5mins
Bathroom Visits: 0
#of orange sweatshirts I own: 1
# if times I've taken the train to Montauk in the dead of winter in search of my Joel: 0 (but I think I'll do that this winter- it is time)
Prediction on when Jim Carrey will finally win an Oscar: Never, the Academy is too dumb

Unfortunately, I think you're right. Jim Carrey will probably never win an Oscar, even though he might deserve it.

Great movie. You have better taste in movies than you do in music :)
isn't it wierd how you still watch stuff on tv that you own? whats up with that?
... that is my number 1 fav film. it is about love, yes. but it is also about therapy, self help, hypnosis and self actualization. All topics PopMuse finds lacking in mainstream Hollywood films.
well then ethan, I am interested in what music YOU like??? ;)
I for one was initially disappointed by Eternal, but it's since improved as it's rattled around in my memory. Kind of appropriate, I guess. I still feel Gondry is mostly about surface play, but perhaps surface play serves well a script such as this ... Plus, now that there aren't fourteen simultaneous Kauffmann movies in release, I'm less tired of him.

I thought Carrey was outstanding ... much better than he is in comic roles, in fact. He was the only redeemable thing about The Truman Show, too. I'd say he ought to exclusively take on dramatic roles but that might mean more Majestic nonsense.
xtine, I like music that most people don't, so I disagree with just about everyone when it comes to music. Mostly, I listen to metal. Old metal, newer metal, hair metal, I'm not too picky. Recently my tastes have lightened a little, and I'm really starting to enjoy some bands that get at least some air time, like Lost Prophets and Taproot. But I always fall back to good old trusties, like Fear Factory, old Sepultura, Black Sabbath, and Pantera.

When I'm coding (I'm a software developer by day, only a wannabe movie critic by night...) I listen to a variety of electronic music, mainly drum and bass stuff. My favorite in that arena would be Dieselboy. I think my fondness for the code/techno combo comes from seeing Swordfish, when Hugh Jackman pulls that all nighter to break the unbreakable encryption (or whatever it was...)

Anyway, I'm using your comments to post about my musical tastes. Sorry, you asked for it :) What it really comes down to is this: I dislike glam and saw an opportunity to poke fun. No harm meant, if you took any...
I just saw that movie!

It's amazing and clourful and oddly enough has Elijah Wood. The movie I watched right after Spotless Mind was SinCity.

ethan-- I respect all personal musical choices and was not at all offended by your dislike of Glam or my taste--I'm confident in my music choices!

shark- I forgot about the Majestic, with good reason I am sure

aaron- you've inspired me to discuss Sin City, I must post about that one soon

danius- this is why I feel owning movies verges on being a waste of money, I always watch what I love on tv even though it lives safe and soundly on my shelf.

popmuse- agree with you, as usual.
See, I have to disagree with you about owning movies. I never watch movies on television. The quality simply isn't there. Unless you're getting a good HD signal, the DVD will always look better. And even then, the HD channels often broadcast movies in incorrect aspect ratios to appease the television viewing public. Plus, you can't watch what you want when you want. You're a slave to the schedule.

Right now, nothing beats an HD widescreen set with a decent 6 or 7 channel speaker setup. Even the theaters are falling behind due to commercials, cell phones, and screaming kids. I had a kid in front of me at Wedding Crashers! Could a movie be any more R-rated?!?

Anyway, with the exception of some educational programming like Discovery, History Channel, etc, television isn't worth watching. I'll stick with my growing DVD collection, for sure.

But to each their own...
Re watching stuff on TV that you own: I always castigate myself for watching said programs on TV, especially when the good parts are edited out or the profanities are dubbed over. (Not to mention the commercials.) But I'm too damn lazy, usually, to get off my duff and shift my sensory paradigm.
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