Saturday, August 06, 2005


Only In New York

I'm obsessed with Overheard in NY. Here are some great quotes from this week:

McChick: Would you like that "with cheese", or without "with cheese"?
--McDonald's, 44th and Lex

Hobo: Can you spare some change? Or a pineapple?
--4th Avenue & 8th Street

NY Post guy: Read all about it! Discovery shuttle is a bootleg...doesn't work...can't turn left. Read all about it!
--Penn Station

Man on cell: Yeah man, I promised for her birthday I'd take her to the best doctor in town. She really needs to have this done. Where did you take yours when she had fleas?
--57th & Broadway

I, too, am completely hooked on that blog. They update so frequently though...I leave for an hour and I have so much reading to do! Whatever shall I do when my job starts up again?!?!?!

Your blog is a trip--gonna stay a while & see what else ya got.
Heard this this morning on 103rd and Lex:

Woman to an old man: "i'm going to Blimpie to get a sandwich and then i'm bringing it to McDonalds"

Hilarious. Only in Harlem...
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