Tuesday, August 02, 2005


One is the Loneliest Number

For the past two days I have been astounded by everyone screaming about effing Entourage and no body has said a word about SIX FEET UNDER! Was I the only person that watched it? I wont spoil it for those of you who are saving SFU on TiVo, but this weeks episode was earth shattering. Despite that, I seem to be the only person on the planet that cares because everybody else is talking about Entourage.

I'm devistated over Six Feet Under, I hate Entourage and I feel left out.

I miss the Monday and Tuesday water cooler talk where everyone was on the same page with everyone else. Remember the Soprano's days? I guess I'll have to wait until the fall when Thursday mornings become the new Monday and people water cooler chat about LOST.


i agree it is very dissapointing that people are not talking about SFU this season. there are so many questions in the air and i have no idea how they will sum it all up, or if they will even try to. maybe the whole family just dies. it's HBO, they dont play by the "Everyone Loves Raymond" TV rulebook.
oh have I got a thread for you...

I LOVE SFU, but it should be noted that it's been losing it's commercial appeal for some time now. It was never really that commercial in the first place, but there have been a few episodes over the past couple seasons that were just plain hard to watch. Plus, even as a fan this season has taken a weird turn I don't understand many of the character's modivations anymore. I find myself screaming at the television things like "YOU ARE NOT RUTH FISHER! SHE WOULD NOT ACT THIS WAY"! I am sad to see it go.. especially with so little attention, but I think it's time.
I loathe Entourage! I have tried to watch it but I get nothing from it. And I love Jeremy Piven! (Go rent PCU now!). I too feel out of the loop and want to just "hug it out" with all the people who are into the show. But it just doesn't do it for me. Same thing with Harry Pooper, I mean Potter, i read the first book and meh, it was ok. I like the movies better. I'm not going to sit down with an 800 page children's book. I'd rather read my new issue of Vanity Fair. Sad about Entourage too cause I'm also a fan of Debbie Mazar who always seems to play the whore, best friend, mistress, or secretary in most films. Can someone find her a lead?!

I can't post about SFU, never got past the 1st season. Sorry.

Some viewing recommendations as of late: Brat Camp (amazing), Laguna Beach (season 2), Dancing with the Stars... obviously i'm on a reality show kick. And when is the new season of Super Nanny starting? I love her.
SFU is my favorite show of all time. Every Sunday, my friends get together to watch. Last week, we dressed all in black for Nate's funeral. We take this show very seriously. We already have plans to watch the last episode in the same house, but in separate rooms - some of us need to cry in private.
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