Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Oh To Be In 1984

Sorry my review of the Duran concert is coming a little late. I've been nursing a stomach ailment (that I think I might have caught at the show from a crazy lady dressed in all purple who wouldn't stop harassing me in the VIP Lounge). Overall the show was a blast. If you go to a Duran show you have to be prepared to party like its 1984, and I did. Aside from some new songs (that I am fairly certain are Duran's ode to Christian rock) here are my top 3 highlights:

1. Gotta say Simon is sexy, even with the butterfly belt buckle (which I almost dove on stage to snatch because I'd fancy one myself)
2. Save a Prayer and Ordinary World back to back is simply brilliant song programming- I cried and then cried some more
3. Ending with RIO brought me back to grammar school, I remember the video so vividly, oh Rio Rio.

I know some of you (Pop Muse in particular) are not a fan of going back in time to 'nostalgia' shows, but sometimes it's ok to embrace your age, this was one of those times.

POP QUIZ: What year did Duran Duran officially become Duran Duran?

Of course I must comment. Are you showing your age....I had a career (way back when) when I first listened to Duran Duran. Wished I could of been at the show. Would of cried as well with Ordinary World for reasons we both know. Not as altrustic as the songs lycris, sadly. I will get to my blog. I hope your stomach feels better, take care in this heat.

Loved the visual for Duran, Duran. Yes, he is STILL sexy
Oooooh sooooooo jealous. I also love to revisit and relive my youth... if only I was there!
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