Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Next Stop, The White House

I am pretty sure this is a hoax, but just for a second, close your eyes and imagine it to be true. How much fun that would be!

(at least there would be Universal mental healthcare)

It is a hoax... but I prefer to see it as "wishful thinking" because Walken would be like the coolest president ever!
I like to think of Quentin Tarantino for president! Woo hoo!
That would make for a very interesting 4 years. I'd watch CNN 24-7...seriously.
I don't know... Even when Walken's doing a non scary role, he scares me... But I'd still vote him in. He's probably win on name recognition alone...
not much makes me chuckle but the thought of Christopher Walken as prez made me laugh out loud. u are hysterical xtine...
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