Monday, August 15, 2005


My Boogie Night

I went on a little vacation to Hull, Massachusetts. It is a charming New England town halfway between Boston and Cape Cod. Last night my friend VS and I decided to take in some local eats. She, being a local resident of Hull, knew exactly where to take me.

We went to Bridgemans. It is one of these delightful restaurants that has an open kitchen that you can see from the dining area. When I entered the restaurant my eyes naturally gravitated to the kitchen. And to my shock and awe, standing behind the stove cooking up some shrimp was Mark Wahlberg.

Ok, it wasn't Mark, it was Donnie Wahlberg. All right it wasn't Donnie either. It was actually Paul Wahlberg. (how many Wahlberg brothers are there?). Paul Wahlberg (who looks exactly like a Wahlberg looks) is the chef and owner of Bridgemens. And I was amazed, I mean, do you know what its like eating in a restaurant when the guy cooking your meal looks kinda like Marky Wahlberg?

The food was delicious (he is a really great chef!), the atmosphere was fantastic and throughout my dinner I couldn't help but wonder if the meal I was eating had ever been prepared for and eaten by Mark Wahlberg. And that's food for thought!

Everything sounds yummy! The chef....the food....the atmosphere...the chef... :)
was donnie in back washing the dishes?
Yes Jordan, he was back there while you were out back looking for handouts you surreal life ho. You couldn't even score with the washed up Amercian Idol loser... ;p

Good vibrations all over my dinner, I would pay top dollar for that. When I'm in NY I'm in!

Feel it feel it...
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