Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Little Old Lady Wisdom

Some of you know this about me, some of you dont.

I love little old ladies, specifically little old Italian ladies like my grandmother. Last night I had dinner at Grandma's house and we were talking about life. She said a phrase that I have never heard before but will certainly use now that I know its meaning.

So I give you xtine's grandma's pearl of wisdom, use this phrase when you feel the need:

"Only the spoon knows whats in the pot"

You never said what it means!
it means whatever you think it (or want it) to me it means life is un predictable, you cant guess the future.
But, there is no spoon. So, is there no pot either?

If there's a pot in the woods with no spoon, does anyone know what's in it?

OK, that's about enough of that...
hmmmm, what if you stir the pot with a ladle.....
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