Tuesday, August 30, 2005


A Letter To...

Dear Mimi,

I heard today from a reliable source that you may have had 'relations' with a certain 80s Beverly Hills Cop after the VMAs. Now, I'm not gonna say its true or a rumor but since I am one of your lambs I feel compelled to fill you in on the gossip (remember our moment several years back when I interviewed you and you called me your little lamb? That was nice wasn't it?). Anyway, I am so sorry that you had to perform outside during the VMAs, I am sure on some level that made you sad. I hope you didnt get the flu like popmuse.

But I am here for you Mariah. Sometimes I look at you and can tell that you are hanging on by a very tiny thread. And thats ok, we all have those moments. Read my post below...maybe we can find our center together (and then we will call up Ms. Love and Madonna because I think they could use some help too given all the broken bones and rehab stuff).

Hang in there, ok Mimi? Oh, and dont forget to donate some money to the folks down south who lost their homes to Katrina.


You are the Oprah of blogging with all of your UNICEF Angel Network Relief funds whatnot..
Better Eddie Murphy than Charlie Murphy (at least now that the Chapelle Show is dead and buried)
I used to work with her nephew, Sean MacDonald!
I used to hate her, but now I just give her props for showing how far a chunky moon-faced girl can go. She's so full of herself and over the top that I'm mesmerized. That shit she did posing and preening around the pool was high camp to me. R Kelly was schooled by this bitch.
I love Charlie Murphy! I hope he is in DR. DOOLITTLE 3, and HAUNTED MANSION 1 1/2.

I would love Eddie and Mimi as a couple, but I won't dwell on the possibility, lest I be disappointed.
As we all know Eddie is hot for trannies... I'm just saying.
lol love the post!
Now, I'm not an Elvis fan... but am I the only person who thinks that it's a travesty that a tart like Mariah Carey could overtake Elvis' single for longest time on the charts?
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